EIZO Presents Data Transmission and Image Management in the OR Using Video-over-IP

Tuesday, 2017 April 11

EIZO GmbH  announced CuratOR Alipe, an IP-based solution for flexible data transmission in the operating room (OR). With this EIZO system, image and video data can be transmitted with zero latency or loss, both within and outside the OR.

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Increasingly, flexible video routing systems that make every image available everywhere and at all times are required for modern hospitals. IP-based solutions are ideal for this because the data are transmitted using standardized network technology, and the systems are simple, modular, expandable and scalable. With CuratOR Alipe, EIZO offers a forward-looking video-over-IP system with data transmission of 10 GB/s and a frame rate of 60 Hz. The EIZO solution works without compression and fully retains the color space, ensuring the best possible image quality.

Thanks to the standardized data transmission via defined transmission media, the infrastructure in the OR is significantly simplified and flexibility increased. In addition, the same network technology can be used for transmissions within and outside the OR. The data are transmitted via fiber-optic cables, enabling distances up to 10 km. As a result, not only rooms, but whole buildings, can be linked to one another, and image and audio data can be transmitted not only within the OR, but to conference rooms and lecture halls as well.

The IP protocol is packet based and has the advantage that the same network cable can be used to transmit all information – regardless of whether it is image data, audio data, video data, or even control data for the keyboard and mouse. Thus for example, a computer in a remote computing center can be operating via the EIZO system directly from the OR.

The core functionality of the CuratOR Alipe is contained in the TIP0210F-DVI hardware component, which can be used simultaneously as an encoder and decoder. The number of devices and versions can thus be reduced. In addition, planning can be more flexible and storage and maintenance expenditures lower. Moreover, video management functions are integrated into the device. As such, various video sources can be displayed on a monitor via a cable. This enables various multiple views: Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture, and QuadView. TIP0210F-DVI works with passive cooling and is thus noiseless and without mechanical wear.

The EIZO system can be operated using the CuratOR Caliop control software. It is incorporated in the existing vm module, which manages the available video sources in the OR. At the click of a mouse or simple touch, a video source can be selected or assigned to one or more monitors as desired. An existing connection is displayed visually. If needed, the transmission can be logged on a recorder, and the recordings stored in the patient folder for example.

EIZO will be presenting the new CuratOR Alipe video-over-IP solution for the first time during conhIT from April 25 - 27 in Berlin at the EIZO booth, Hall 3.2, booth D-113.

About EIZO GmbH

EIZO GmbH is based in Karlsruhe, Germany and is a leading manufacturer of visual display solutions for medical imaging applications. The company portfolio includes color and grayscale monitors of 1 to 8 megapixels, video management systems and related accessory products. EIZO GmbH is a subsidiary of EIZO Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture of high end monitors for medical and graphic design applications, financial trading, and other markets.

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