The Large Monitor Manager LMM0804 enables digital and analog images from various sources to be arranged flexibly on large-format or multiple monitors. The LMM0804 has been designed for use in operating rooms, where an extremely flexible image display is required during surgery. At the same time, the image content for each individual unit can be defined separately.

  • Small and compact size allows easy installation in existing systems.
  • Up to 8 signal sources can be displayed simultaneously on a maximum of 5 connected monitors.
  • The monitors can be connected over a distance of up to 36 m.
  • Image is available within 4 secondes after system reboot.
  • Maximum image latency of one frame (input to output) provides almost real-time image).
LMM0804 - All Gather in One

All Gather in One

The LMM0804 bundles up different signal sources, displays them concurrently on the connected monitors and enables to control them from one location.

LMM - Saving Time by Optimizing Workflow

Saving Time by Optimizing Workflow

The Large Monitor Manager allows users to predefine and easily rearrange and resize images and windows to suit the respective applications. Using a touch panel console monitor, the optimum display can be selected for the current use case. The user-friendly interface minimizes costly user training.

LMM0804 - One Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

One Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

Working with the Large Monitor Manager, the operator can focus on a single monitor, keyboard and mouse instead of juggling with multiple systems. This speeds up workflow and reduces the potential for handling errors. Alternatively, a control of two work stations is possible.

LMM0804 - Various Image Sources

Various Image Sources

The Large Monitor Manager has 12 video connections; 8 of these connections can process digital DVI (Digital Visual Interface) signals up to a resolution of 1920 x 1200. Additionally, there are two PAL/NTSC (Phase Alternating Line/National Television Systems Committee) and two analog connections available. Up to 8 signal sources can be displayed simultaneously on a maximum of 5 connected monitors. Four of the connected monitors can display a flexibly combined image, the fifth monitor displays one of the digital image sources directly (loop through).

LMM0804 - Different Layouts on Multiple Monitors

Different Layouts on Multiple Monitors

With LMM0804, up to 8 signal sources can be displayed simultaneously on a maximum of 5 connected monitors. The necessary source information can be selected and displayed independently. This is useful when the multiple staff in surgeries stand in different positions and need different information.

LMM0804 - Expandable Inputs and Outputs

Expandable Video Inputs and Outputs

Connect up to 28 video sources and 21 video outputs by using the Large Monitor Manager in combination with the Extron DMS 2000 DVI matrix switcher.

LMM080x - Local and Remote Control

Local and Remote Control

The monitor layout can be edited or rearranged locally with a keyboard and mouse, or remotely via the web browser interface. The optional LMM Control software allows operators to switch between layouts, arrange video inputs and use the Dynamic Layout function even on touch enabled PCs.*

LMM - Annotation

Add Comments and Tags to Images*

Graphic objects or texts can be created as annotations on the screen by local operation via the On Screen Display (OSD) menu using the Annotation function.
LMM - Dynamic Layout

Dynamic Layout*

The positions and sizes of the windows specified during system configuration can be enlarged or reduced easily by the operator using Dynamic Layout function. You can also zoom in and out of each window.
*For the functions described, the optionally available software package 4.0.0 Extended is required.

Long Distance Connectivity

With LMM0804 all monitors can be connected over a distance of up to 36 meters without loss of picture quality.

LMM - Short Start-Up Time

Short Start-Up Time

The video signal is available at the output within 4 seconds. This guarantees immediate readiness, even after a power failure.

Common Interface

This network interface allows available systems and PCs to be controlled automatically by the Large Monitor Manager. Layout changes, status information or remote check e.g. can directly be done from x-ray system or PC.

LMM - Small and Compact Size

Small and Compact Size

The small size allow flexible integration in existing systems, it can easily be mounted on a ceiling suspension, into a rack or into a wall console.

Designed for Medical Field Requirements

The Large Monitor Manager is designed in accordance with the special requirements for the medical field, so an ambient temperature of up to 45° C is permitted and the electrical safety is tested to IEC 60601-1. In addition, electronic components are selected which are available permanently to guarantee long-term system continuity.



Cabinet ColorBlack
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information)CE / UKCA, IEC/EN60601-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, IEC/EN 62368-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1:2014 / UL62368:2014, EN55032 Class B, RCM, RoHS, China RoHS, WEEE, CCC
Supplied Accessories (May vary by country. Please contact EIZO for details)Adapter cable (HDMI - DVI) x 6, mounting brackets for rack or wall mount, screws x 2, Utility Disk (PDF Instructions for Use, test patterns)
Optional AccessoriesSoftware package 4.0.0 Extended (software version 4.0.0 min.), LMM
Control software, Extron DMS 2000 20x20 DVI Matrix, TDL Link Set,
TID0102 DVI Splitter

Video Signals

Input TerminalsDigital: HDMI connectors (DVI signals only) x 6
Digital / Analog: DVI-I x 2
Analog: D-Sub mini 15 pin x 2, mini DIN x 2
8 simultaneous visible inputs
Input ResolutionDigital: DVI-D (single link), 1920 x 1200 maximum, 60 Hz or 2048 x 1536, 30 Hz (165 MHz pixelclock maximum, horizontal size 2048 maximum)
Analog: DVI-I, VGA, 1920 x 1200 maximum, 60 Hz (170 MHz pixelclock maximum, horizontal size 1920 maximum), S-Video (PAL/NTSC), SoG
Output TerminalsDVI-D (Dual Link) x 2 (connection of 2 monitors each: TID0102 or TDL Link Set needed), HDMI connector (DVI single link only)
Output Resolution4 x 2.3 MP (1920 x 1200, 60 Hz),
4 x FHD (1920 x 1080, 60 Hz),
4 x 2MP (1600 x 1200, 60 Hz),
4 x 1MP (1280 x 1024, 60 Hz),
4 x (1368 x 768, 60 Hz)
(all connected monitors have to have the same resolution)
HDMI connector: 1 x FHD (1920 x 1080, 60 Hz)


UpstreamUSB 2.0: type-B x 8 (for control of video applications on PCs)
DownstreamUSB 2.0: type-A x 6 (e.g. for keyboard, mouse)

Interface Specifications

Communication ConnectorEthernet (RJ45)


Power RequirementsAC 100 - 120 V, 200 - 240 V: 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption100 W

Physical Specifications

Net Weight5.5 kg
Mechanical Installation19" rack design, 2 RU

Features & Functions

Control and StatusGraphical user interface and software control interface for operating, status and diagnosis, LED indicators for hardware status x 2
OSD LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (software version 4.0.0 or later)

Environmental Requirements

Degree of ProtectionIP20


Single Product Brochure LMM0804

Single Product Brochure LMM0804

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CuratOR Products

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Instructions for Use LMM0804

Instructions for Use LMM0804

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version 007, valid from 12/2022

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